Book and Paper Conservation

I specialize in the treatment of paper-based objects, such as works of art on paper, books, and documents. I also have extensive experience working with parchment and vellum. I do some photograph treatments, depending on the type of photograph and its condition.

Some common problems encountered with works on paper are: overall discoloration, localized stains, applications of tapes and other poor repairs, planar distortions, and tears.  

Some common problems with bound volumes are: detached covers, detached spines, deteriorated leather, loose pages, and broken text blocks.

There are methods to address all these problems, and more. The appropriateness or potential success of any treatment involves many factors. The best way to know what might help improve an object is to examine the work firsthand.

I conduct my work in accordance with the American Institute for Conservation's Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

In addition to treatment work, I also provide the following services:

  • the highest quality hinging, matting, and framing
  • custom protective enclosures and boxes
  • consulting
  • collection surveys
  • technical evaluations

Please note that I do not provide do-it-yourself advice beyond recommendations for proper care, display, and storage.